We regularly anonymously survey the people who use The 10 Minute Mind so we can see how it is benefitting them. Here is what they are saying !


"I just love it! It changes my life! Everyday day I am grateful for this because it helps me start the day in a new manner, reminding me to be, to take care of myself and others, to be in my body. I feel it is so precious and the right thing to do. During the day, I realise that more and more of my actions or words are naturally the ones I need to have/say (they feel right to me), with gentleness. I thank you so much again! WONDERFUL!"


"It has had such an impact in my life: My semester has been incredibly difficult on a personal level and also very busy with school but this daily practice has made my life so much easier. I feel I am becoming a 'better' person.. or perhaps should I say, I am getting more aligned with what I want to be."


"The 10 Minute Mind is my main way of helping to cope with anxieties."


"Simply; It’s changed my life."


"I am so appreciative this sort of course is being offered in a way that I am able to easily do it. I have such time constraints in my day and in just 10 minutes I am able to turn a stressful morning into a mindful one."


"It is a very well designed programme; finely judged to bypass the most common barriers to sustaining a practice of this kind. I have turned on at least four people who now practice regularly."


"It has made me much happier , more grounded more relaxed and appreciative ! Thank you!"


"I thoroughly enjoy this course and feel like I have become a better person because of it."


"I am so grateful for The 10 Minute Mind. I am doing so much better at my studies because of it due to being much more able to focus."


"I am curious to see where it will lead me. I feel I am being given a glimpse of the possibility of a richer and more nourishing life. I have rediscovered relationships."


"Thank you. It is helping to transform my life."


"I'm an experienced meditator and looked at this out of curiousity as it was mentioned by a friend. I love the new content each day, and the way you feel you are being genuinely wished well.  I'm familiar with other mediation apps and this is the only one I've persisted in using."


" I had heard people in my class talk about this course. And I was afraid I couldn't learn meditation. But it's easy with the guidance. Great programme."


"Thank you UCL for making this incredibly important skill available for us to learn in such an accessible way. It's making a real difference in my life."


"I am so grateful for this programme. No joke it has saved me. I really struggle with stress and knowing that in the morning I have this calming way to begin my day has helped me so much. I can manage my life and my studies so much better. Thank you endlessly"


"It has been a wonderful addition to my life. I am in my final year of my PhD and had been struggling to manage my stress. Adding The 10 Minute Mind to my daily routine has really helped me manage my stress levels, and has really had a positive impact on my well-being."


"I enjoy it tremendously. It is overwhelming to realise how busy my mind is and a rewarding challenge to try and tame it."




"I chose to focus on love in my first session. I was amazed how it seemed to fill me love. I think my partner wondered what had come over me."


"I have found The 10 Minute Mind experience extremely calming and relaxing. I suffer from anxiety and it has really helped me calm down."


"I love these sessions and have grown very fond of Monique's calm and centering manner!"


"I really value it."


"Having tried different sources of mindfulness practice, I find The 10 Minute Mind most engaging and I always look forward to listening to Monique each morning. In the past I would drop off after just a few days. I'm so happy I'm able to keep up with my practice thanks to Monique's soothing voice, inspiring quotes, and daily affirmations."


"When having a depressive moment, I use The 10 Minute Mind to clear my mind."


"I love it thank you!"


"I am calmer in the mornings. Sleeping better at night."


"The breathing techniques helps me to be calmer on issues and by so doing helps me to think carefully about things before I open my mouth to talk"


"I am able to apply The 10 Minute Mind to my daily life by using the various tracks sent to me every morning to help keep myself calm and relaxed, especially on days that I know are going to be hectic. In addition, if I feel that I am overwhelmed or stressed out during the day I refer back to the tracks to help ease my stress."


"Whenever I feel myself feeling overwhelmed or stressed. I sit down close my eyes take 3 deep breaths in and out. I then focus attention towards myself and try to create a sound mind. Thank you for teaching me a different way of addressing these issues."


"Really great. I try and do it most days. And I’ve seen a real change in myself. I have anger problems. Now when they come up I try and bring myself back to my body."


"I can actually do this. 10 minutes isn’t hard. And before I know it the 10 minutes has totally gone. I think it’s helping me."


"I can’t believe there is a course that has made it possible for me to learn how to do a mindfulness practice with such ease. Just brilliant. I just put my headphones on and listen. And off I go into a day with a positive focus. I’m much more focussed in my studies. I just bring myself back to the practice during the day. Thanks for giving us this."


"I’ve struggled this year with a lot of sickness and Monique and her programme have helped me see the goodness in my life and kept me positive. I also understand that happiness is not outside of me. I can change my mind. Thank you!"


"Monique has such a beautiful voice. I feel like each morning I have a friend in her. That helps me a lot as I don’t have many friends."


"Thank you. It works."


"Awesome course. The 10 Minute Mind helps me. Thank you."


"I love the 3 minute destresser. I sit sometimes in the bathroom with my headphones on and it helps me calm down."


"I have wanted to try meditation for many years. And I even went to a course. But it didn’t help me. I just would fall asleep. But this course has helped me. And now I have learnt how to work with my mind. I do it almost every day. Thank you. It’s an awesome course."


"This course has helped me so much. I have loved it. I can manage my days so much better."


"I found this course to be really helpful. I struggle with issues at home and each morning, having this mindfulness course to start my day, has made a big difference."


"You make it easy. Wonderful course"


"I can actually do this. 10 minutes isn’t hard. And before I know it the 10 minutes has totally gone. I absolutely think it’s helping me."


"I love the quotes each day. Even when I don’t manage to get up 10 minutes earlier and do the practice."


"I never thought I could do this. I thought learning mindfulness was hard. But I had read a lot that it was really good for you. And now I have been doing The 10 Minute Mind for many months I feel so pleased with myself. I now know how to work with my mind. I am less stressed and anxious. And when I feel stressed and anxious I try to come back to what I learnt that morning."


"It’s good. I do it with my dad each morning. It has become our time together. He really likes it. And the end of the day we sometimes see if we have managed to remember the kindness or the gratitude."


"I love The 10 Minute Mind. It’s so easy. I do it as I walk in the morning. My mom says I’m nicer since I started it."


"Awesome course. The 10 Minute Mind helps me. Thank you."


"I would recommend this program to anybody who is new to meditation, to people who struggle with meditation, or to anybody who wants to try something a bit different."


"I think is a great tool for stress."


"I think it is a gift that keeps on giving. Thank you Monique."


"The days I did listen I was more relaxed, at least I started that day. I would like this to become a habit. I would recommend this because having a recording to listen to every day is an easy to implement and is effective."


"I would recommend the program. I have not been particularly successful in trying mindfulness programs and became quickly disinterested. Something about this one has caught on with me and I would recommend that others try it."


"It fortifies me with good and positive thoughts to take with me through the day. I am living in a difficult situation with family members and I can't just walk away. The 10 Minute Mind gives me an alternative way to experience what is going on."


"I find that I am more relaxed and more productive because of the program."


"I really like the program and its approach. I'm not new to meditation but find I have difficulty fitting it into my day and I have difficulty clearing my mind. 30-minute meditations are simply too much for me right now. What I like about 10-Minute Mind is that it begins with a guided relaxation, then has a quiet time where we try to clear our minds, and then ends with a bit more guidance. That works well for me."


"It calmed me down. I was so busy at the end of the semester and I found it an invaluable support"


"It's the first meditation program I have been able to do."


"My first course in mindfulness had already changed my mindset significantly, but somehow I was not practicing. The way Monique has set up this daily 10 min practice gives me guidance to start my day with 10 minutes just for me. And I caught myself doing it a night in bed as well."


"It made me mindful to take a few minutes for me and made me realize I don't always do that."


"The 10 Minute Mind gives me a different perspective on the day."


"When I feel overwhelmed, I'm better able to take a step back and separate my emotions from the situation."


"The 10 Minute Mind encourages a self awareness, which allows me to recognise my own behaviour as it is happening. And if that behaviour is negative or counter productive then I am more likely to see that for what it is and do something (more positive) about it."


"It changes my mood so that I can de-stress and think straight as go in my day. Also feel more self-compassionate."


"The 10 Minute Mind helps me be aware that I can have some control as to my responses to life!"


"If I am feeling stressed I use the breathing techniques to help me."


"The 10 Minute Mind helps me to keep calm when my children are tired and grumpy!"


"I use the breathing techniques to calm myself when I get stressed. I have stopped judging myself so much, I am kinder with myself."


"The 10 Minute Mind makes me more relaxed and happy."


"The 10 Minute Mind helps me to be calmer and helps me to let go of my intense reactions to some situations and just step back for a moment."


"In stressful situations I am able to stop my racing mind, connect with the present moment and relax. That is something I was never able to do previously and it really helps me dealing with stress."


"The 10 Minute Mind helps me to be calm, take a moment and think before acting or speaking."


"It allows me to be able to come back to the present in stressful situations and to be more aware of how lucky I am and having more space to be conscious of others."


"When I'm really stressed I'll take time to go through the exercise again and take deep breaths like shown in the sessions."


"I remember more frequently throughout the day to stay focused on the present moment and stress less."


"If I'm ever feeling stressed in a situation, I'm able to breath. I also use the body scan to feel totally relaxed."


"It just seems to make me calmer and able to stand back from stressful situations. I used to get quite overwhelmed and tearful at times at work but now although the situation is worse, I can handle it better and step back from it to get a calmer picture."


"It helps me with my breathing, especially when I'm feeling stressed. And to remember that my thoughts are like clouds in the sky."


"The 10 Minute Mind helps me to slow down my breathing and it makes me aware when I am worrying about things in the future.. ie. when i'm not being mindful and concentrating on things in the present. It also teaches me not to be angry at myself for worrying though but to just shift my fous back to the moment at hand."


"I'm able to return to the main theme when I need to throughout the day. I also use the breath to provide a calm center as needed."


"I find that I'm reflecting on my body, mind and emotions more, and this helps me notice when I've got stressed, overwhelmed, etc, and I try to apply the concious breathing technique that The 10 Minute Mind uses. It really helps!"


"It helps me be aware and deal with scattered thoughts throughout the day and in turn allows me to get through each day effectively. The 3-minute destress meditation is brilliant when I need a moment to breathe."


"It relaxes me and reduces stres and I try to keep the final thought in mind throughout the day."


"Sitting on public transport and instead of getting lost in my mind I continually bring myself back to my surroundings - I ground myself my looking around and observing gently as opposed to getting lost in (destructive/pessimistic) thoughts. I suffer a lot from fear. When this feeling overwhelms me, I always now tell myself to be mindful and observe and that the thoughts/feelings will dissolve."


"The final reflection sticks with me in a large way throughout the day."


"1) People have noticed I have a more positive attitude 2) I'm able to make a better time of stressful days to avoid making them just wasted days 3) it helped a lot with my thesis writing."


"I'm less distracted. I'm calmer."


"It helps me to focus on taking time for myself in a structured way, rather than causally having a cup of tea for example."


"The breathing techniques to help me relax."


"I love it and the friends I recommend it to also love it!"


"Especially at the beginning of the programme, the acknowledgement that as an individual you do have worth. ..made me a bit weepy to realise how hard I have always been on myself. Am more aware now and gentler on myself."


"I like the way in which there are stages, guiding you gently into further states of meditation and the music is very helpful in aiding this. Being only 10 minutes long is handy too, and I look forward to the daily links even if I don't always get the time to listen to them. I love them though, thank you!"


"I absolutely love it. Thank you, Monique! This is a pleasure and truly a life saver!"


"It has been amazing and incredibly. Eye opening ! I am happy that I have discovered it. So useful for people at all stages ."


"I have tried many meditation programs but this for some reason has been most effective and I think its because its so easy and simple to do. It focuses on just "being" and doesnt ask too much of the meditator. Thank You for the series, I really appreciate it and how its helped me especially before submitting my dissertation!"


"It has really helped fight my stress and changes my day to a more positive calming one."


"Monique's voice has become the anthem to my tranquility."


"It's amazing."


"It helps me deal with insomnia."


"It keeps me meditating because it nags me in my inbox, basically. Which is brilliant. I love Monique's techniques and music."


"It is like having a friend, or someone who cares about you, give you advice and suport. I think Monique is brilliant at that."


"It got me through the most traumatic breakup of my life."


"I love that is daily so I always have a recoding to go to and can re-listen to them as well."


"The 10 Minute Mind helps me to create a more positive connection with people."


"I listen to the tracks early in the morning or before bed and they really help me calm down for the day."


"I like the idea of visualizing success in my day. I try to do that in the beginning, middle, and end. The 3 minute one helps with that too."


"It reminds me to stay in the moment and to be more body-aware."


"When facing challenges and personal fears and doubts, I tell myself everything is ok, it is just a thought and to go gently in the world."


"I love to listen to the tracks when I need a break from studying."


"I focus on the message at the end of each session and remember it throughout my day when I am feeling stressed or under pressure."


"I suffer from anxiety and find that it really helps when I'm caught in a negative thought pattern."


"A fantastic stress reliever!"


"Whenever I feel stressed, I incorporate the techniques found in The 10 Minute Mind."


"The 10 Minute Mind helps me by encouraging me to keep a kinder outlook on others and myself."


"The breathing techniques help me to be calmer on issues and by so doing help me to think carefully about things before I open my mouth to talk."


"It helps me to think about my breathing and keeping worrying thoughts or sad memories from taking over."


"I make it a part of my morning routine and I am learning to use my anchor to calm worries and concerns entering my mind."


"I am calmer in the mornings. Sleeping better at night."


"At the end of a stressful day I could use the techniques on the train to calm myself before getting home to my family."


"I remember the key quality to carry forward into the day e.g. self-confidence and returned to this or the anchor of deep breaths if things felt overwhelming."


"It's a reminder to relax and not worry about things that can't be changed."


"I usually practised in the morning before I got up and also sometimes during the day when I seemed to be overwhelmed by my worries. It has helped me tremendously."


"I use it to help me in times of stress and when I was feel most overwhelmed. It helps to calm me down and relax."


"The 10 Minute Mind has helped me manage my emotions better and remember that they are fuelled by thoughts... so when I become emotionally distressed it has helped me to acknowledge that and have a way to calm down."


"It helps me to stay calm in scary new situations."


"I usually listen to it at night it helps me clear my negative thoughts of the day and calm my mind to allow me sleep."


"It improves my sleeping and has enabled me to take time out of my schedule for moments of peace and mindfulness."


"The 10 Minute Mind has helped me focus on my feeling and channel them in the right direction at the start of the day."


"If I am in a stressful situation it helps me look at it more calmly."


"The 10 Minute Mind makes you more aware of how busy your thoughts can be, and that it's perfectly normal. For me at least it's acceptance of that which makes me less likely to get overwhelmed."


"I carry the messages with me through the day and longer and am able to use them to refocus to a more helpful 'place'. "


"When I get worried about things which I 'have' to do but don't want to (e.g. classes) I tell myself "It WILL pass". "


"The 10 Minute Mind helps me to calmly deal with adversity."


"I am getting the ability to observe my thoughts."


"I am a lot more relaxed and less stressed in situations where I'd normally be upset."


"The 10 Minute Mind helps me to calm my emotions and understand my inner feelings."


"It's a great way to manage your emotions."


"Great experience which I think everyone should at least try it once!!"


"Having tried different sources of mindfulness practice, I find 10 Minute Mind most engaging and I always look forward to listening to Monique each morning. In the past I would drop off after just a few days. I'm so happy I'm able to keep up with my practice thanks to Monique's soothing voice, inspiring quotes, and daily affirmations."


"Personally this experience came at the perfect time. My life has been in this weird place and while practicing mindfulness with the 10 minute mind I found myself slowly dissecting each problem and situation I was dealing with in a much healthier way than I normally would and I truly believe it will continue to better me in the future."


"Excellent program."


"I think that practicing mindfulness is something very important that every person should incorporate as part of their lives. Results might not come quickly, but they do happen. Just give it a try."


"It is a wonderful experience."


"Honestly to me, the quotes given with the choice of playing the track was so stress relieving. I always read the quotes and if it's a really long day, I can the choose the track. I really enjoyed the quotes because I actually got to use them in real life advice and/or for myself during my thinking time."


"It's enabled me to create a 10 minute slot in my day just for me to be where I am and be more deeply aware of my existing thoughts, feelings, fears and anxieties."


"I think that with our new technology-fuelled stressful lives, especially as a student, I find it such a nice gap in the day to de-stress and unwind. I have bad jaw problems due to stress and even unclenching my jaw and relaxing for the 10 minutes of the track makes me feel better."


"In stressful times where I had to confront difficult situations - especially in regards to relationships - I was able to find peace within myself through this, which led me to confront the situation in a much healthier way."


"I particularly found Monique's voice and intonation calming and reassuring. The daily opening "Good morning, this is Monique..." over time became a sort of "Hi, I'm Monique and I'm on YOUR side right now" and I loved it. I have come quite a ways in understanding the need to continuously try to recalibrate and focus my thoughts. I still have a very long way to go though. But I can't have asked for a better introduction to mindfulness. I'm grateful for the experience the 10 minute mind and Brooklyn College have afforded me with this experiment. As a busy student, I think I feel somewhat more ordered now."




"I've never practiced mindfulness, but since I started the program I feel my mind can have it's own free space. As a busy masters student, I feel my mind needs and benefits from such break. I also feel this is contributing with my well-being. I have been recommending it to my fellow students, family and friends."


"Love the program! Monique's voice is like a balm of calmness."


"The email to start came at the best possible time in my life. I just started a study abroad year and was feeling quite stressed and lonely. This has helped my life immensely as I have learnt to find peace and quieten my mind. I am actually going on a meditation retreat in Thailand in the new year since I have been enjoying meditation so much. I have a new found energy and happiness that I have not accessed in years, thank you."


"As a graduate student with two jobs, I found this to be an incredibly beneficial resource."


"It's a really positive experience. I feel much calmer and more positive. Thank you. I wouldn't have thought 10 minutes could have that effect."


"I have spoken about Monique and The 10 Minute Mind to family friends and work colleagues. It is very accessible and Monique's voice has been like a friend in my ear on many occasions keeping me positive when I have been overstretched and stressed."


"An excellent program not just for beginners also suitable for more experienced. Very helpful."


"I really love the quote that comes with the daily email including the track. It helps to put me in a positive frame for the day!"


"I'm very grateful to Monique for to delivering this free, straight-to-your-inbox series of tracks. I was a bit dubious at first, but after a while, the realization that finding ten minutes to sit down and do nothing except breathe and focus the mind was saving lots of time in the long run because I have a tendency to rush less, focus more, and accept the things that were beyond my control."


"I have really enjoyed taking part in the 10 Minute Mind. It just shows that it doesn't have to take a huge amount of time to learn a new life skill technique and calm the mind and body. Thank you!"


"I feel relaxed and light up every time I finish The 10 Minute Mind mindfulness meditation. I have less doubts and I feel more confident in the day."


"It helps me to destress and sleep quickly. I find it very useful!"


"The 10 Minute Mind is a way of really being in tune with your body and being aware of the mind and a step to living consciously, instead of what most people on earth including myself do, living as if by accident, just a compulsive reaction to all the happenings around us. For it is not difficult, not intense, but it really makes you see that you do have a soul and as a human are capable of wondrous things. I love it!"


"I wish all my friends, family and everyone could learn mindfulness meditation with The 10 Minute Mind. It would have a positive impact on everyone."


"I love it. The 10 Minute Mind is helping me feel happier and healthier & I am just so thankful that it is something I was able to try! Thank you so much :)"


"These are the most effective mindfulness sessions I ever did."


"I love the thoughts you send. I read them in the morning before going to work and I feel postive and powerful. The meditation itself I do it before going to bed after a very hectic day. It's great!"


"It helps me alot to just relax myself."


"Trying to stay in the present has allowed me to enjoy the little things, like how pretty are the trees as I walk home, that before I was too distracted to see by my thoughts. Also taking into consideration that everyone is different and special in their own way, has made me more appreciative and understanding towards others."


"It is definitely a great program to follow and an experience that is very convenient. Also it is not time consuming so I can do it easily."


"It's an awesome way to start the day...going a little bit more gently into the world."


"The 10 Minute Mind is giving me the opportunity to learn amazing personal values such as acceptance, patience, etc."


"A great experience that I would recommend to anybody."


"This is a really good way to help people build mindfulness into their lives. I would thoroughly recommend it. I think it is the fact that it is 10 minutes that means you keep going compared to longer mindfulness programmes I have used."


"Brilliant thank you!"


"It's simple, it's a great support mechanism for my active mind that has in the past occasionally lead to anxiety. I'd recommend it to everybody !!!!"


"Great tool!"


"Very enjoyable and I feel more calm and relaxed in myself, amazing."


"It's wonderful!"


"I am very thankful for these 10 minutes each day. It's been a life changer."


"For me The 10 Minute Mind came into my life at the perfect time. I was extremely stressed because of upcoming papers and exams in addition to a couple life events that I didn't expect to happen to me. These 10 minutes give me the time to connect with myself where I dodn't have to think about these things and also made me see things in a positive light."