The 10 Minute Mind is an online program developed by a true meditation expert who saw first-hand - time and time again - that even a small amount of mindfulness meditation every day can change your life. Try The 10 Minute Mind out for 10 Days for Free!

Developed by meditation coach Monique Rhodes - who has worked with leading spiritual leaders, including His Holiness the Dalai Lama - The 10 Minute Mind has been created for people with busy minds and lives who need to take control of their thoughts and feelings to address stress and anxiety.

Meditation is not just for hippies! Clients who love our program include busy moms, stressed out business people and overwhelmed students. Meditation is for anyone who needs a better night's sleep, a calmer mind and more focus. 

For just $9 a month you'll receive a daily brand new 10-minute guided mindfulness meditation by email. By working with the breath, the body, the mind and positive thoughts, The 10 Minute Mind has proven to decrease anxiety and stress and increase happiness and the feeling of wellbeing.

In a 6-month trial of 1000 participants at the University College of London (a top-10 university), 98% of participants said they found the program helpful. They reported calmer minds, an improvement of stress levels and an overall more positive outlook on life. 99% said they felt more relaxed at the end of their daily practice. 

How meditation can help

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