The 10 Minute Mind® is a daily online mindfulness meditation program that’s been developed for busy people who want to feel less stressed and overwhelmed and more in control of their life.

Each day you’ll be emailed a new mindfulness meditation track. Find a spot of calm in your house or office, make yourself comfortable and click on the track in your mailbox. Monique uses her skills in successfully teaching mindfulness meditation to talk you through a ten-minute practice.

Each mindfulness meditation track will address the stress in your body, teach you how to work with your mind – your thoughts and emotions – and begin the journey of self love, reflecting and recognising the good inside you.

You can listen to it with or without backing music – it’s your choice. After just 10 minutes you should feel calmer, more focused, happier and ready to take on a new day with confidence.

For just $9/month you can have a happier, healthier, calmer mind. ®

Why is the 10 Minute Mind® different to other programs? 

  • For most people who live a busy life, trying to fit in a meditation class somewhere just goes into the too-hard basket. The 10 Minute Mind® is online so that you can do it at a time during the day that suits you, with no wasted time travelling to and from a class.

  • We email you your daily practice track. We find it’s easier for you to make it part of your daily routine when it’s sent directly to you, without you having to remember to log into an app.

  • Our daily mindfulness meditation is to custom music that’s been specifically designed to anchor your mind and keep you focused. No generic pan flutes here!

  • The 10 Minute Mind® program offers a bonus 3-minute de-stresser. This powerful practice can be used if you find you are overwhelmed during your day.

  • We offer a podcast to further support you with your practice and mindfulness meditation journey. In it we share advice and knowledge and answer any questions you might have.

  • The 10 Minute Mind® program was designed by a mindfulness meditation teacher to become a support in your daily life.

  • There are no fixed contracts. You can join for as little or as long as you like, although we advise you do it for a full month initially to get the best results.

  • The 10 Minute Mind® is used by individuals and in universities, colleges, schools, institutions and businesses all over the world.

  • We also have The 10 Minute Mind® Guidebook, a 47-page book written by Monique that delves more deeply into her journey, the history of meditation, how it works and what it helps, and answers to a few FAQs.

Lets get you started!

The 10 Minute Mind® has completely impacted my life. I am less stressed and much happier both at work and at home. Everyone notices the difference in me.
— Bhavisha Parmar, Senior Paedeatric Audiologist, NHS, London