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Monique Rhodes has been studying and practicing mindfulness meditation for over 18 years. However she is not your average meditation teacher. 

Monique hails from the beautiful little country at the bottom of the world called New Zealand. As well as being famous for having the best rugby team in the world and the beautiful landscapes of The Lord of the Rings, New Zealand is also known for producing people who are a little on the wild side. From Sir Edmund Hillary (who was the first person to reach the top of Mount Everest) to Lorde (who at 16 was the youngest person to score a US Number One hit in 26 years) New Zealand has created a bunch of Kiwis who don't always do things by the book. Monique is no exception to this cultural trait. 

When you're in her presence you suddenly realise you're in front of a person who actually walks the talk. She's literally calm, cool and collected and has a natural ease and infectiously positive outlook on the world. Life's not been easy but Monique has found a way to turn it around and create a life most people would call extraordinary. She's truly an expert in how to live a happier life.

It's not often you meet someone who has performed to audiences of thousands all over the world as a professional musician and who can even say they were the opening act on two European Tours for a music legend (in this case it was Chuck Berry). It's also not often you meet someone who has produced two platinum selling charity albums in their home country. Someone who has been nominated for one of the highest awards in their country (New Zealander of the Year). Someone who has worked on an album with some of the most well known spiritual teachers of our time like Thich Naht Hahn, Ekhart Tolle and Pema Chödrön (just to name a few). Someone who has performed for and also worked on a music project with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Someone who has given up the thought of a permanent home and travelled all over the world with only the things they can carry in a bag for 13 years. Someone who can say they are one of only 8 westerners to ever perform in the tiny secluded kingdom of Bhutan (Mick Jagger was one of the other 8).  Someone who has travelled the length of India, from highest northern tip in the Himalayas to the most southern tip in the south, on her own - on a motorbike! Or someone who has lived their dream, their way, who is connected with the most extraordinary people and who can say they have spent time living in the slums of India and then in a castle in Switzerland...and so many places in between. 

Monique at the top of the highest motorable road in the world - Ladakh, India

Monique at the top of the highest motorable road in the world - Ladakh, India

Monique is someone who has lived her extraordinary life to the full and is in all ways an expert in how to break down personal limits and live a life full of possibility.

When you're in Monique's presence you suddenly realise you're in front of someone very special. 

That's the sort of person you want to teach you to work with your mind.

She is a master at teaching you how to calm your mind, live a happier life and take a little walk on the wild side.

Get started with Monique now.