What Happens After I Sign Up?

After you sign up you'll receive your first email. This email has three tracks to get you started. So you'll be able to try The 10 Minute Mind® out immediately. Sometimes it can take an extra day for your first early morning track to arrive. However this is the perfect time to use your introductory tracks to get you started. 

Do I Need To Have Meditated Before?

The 10 Minute Mind® is the perfect program for people who have never learnt mindfulness meditation before. We know you think its hard. But with The 10 Minute Mind® you'll find learning mindfulness meditation is actually really easy. 

My Mind Is Really Busy. How Can I Learn Mindfulness Meditation With Such A Busy Mind?

One of the most interesting things about learning mindfulness meditation is that its perfect for someone with a busy mind. What your mind is trying to do is have you hear it through the noise of your everyday life. As you start, you mind will be busy. It will talk non stop to you. You may be shocked at what a chatterbox your mind actually is! But this is completely normal. As time goes on your mind will learn that you're actually giving it some space. And it will start to relax. As it does and as you train it not to run all over the place, it will start to settle down. So, if you have a busy mind you're the exact sort of person who will benefit from The 10 Minute Mind®. 

How Often Should I Be Practicing The 10 Minute Mind? And What If I Don't Feel Like Practicing?

It's great if you're able to practice every day, as it's only 10 minutes. But at the same time it's also important to go gently with yourself. And to be kind with yourself as you build up the habit. If you don't feel like practicing just think about the reasons you started the 10 Minute Mind®. And this might be helpful.

But also don't worry too much. Just be kind to yourself. Obviously the more you practice the faster you'll get results. However if you manage to practice a few days a week that is great. It’s up to you. But at least 2 times a week is important for you to see changes in yourself. 

Should I Be Using The 10 Minute Mind In The Morning?

You can use The 10 Minute Mind® at any time of the day. However we really encourage you to try and use it first thing in the morning. It's such a great way to set yourself up for your day and therefore it helps you to be more grounded and calm for the whole day. It's really helpful to use The 10 Minute Mind® at the same time every day. This makes it a lot easier to create the habit of using it. 

I'm Not Sure Where I Should Be When I Use The 10 Minute Mind?

It can be really helpful to carve out a little spot in the house for yourself to do your daily practise. That might be in a corner of your bedroom or in a room where you can find some quiet and you won't be disturbed. You might also like to light a candle or some incense or pick a flower and put it in front of you. Anything that makes this space feel a little special is really helpful. 

Do I Need To Sit On A Meditation Cushion To Use The 10 Minute Mind?

You can if you want to. or you can just sit on an ordinary cushion on the floor. Or you might feel more comfortable sitting in a chair. The main thing is that you are comfortable and relaxed. If possible, it's better not to be lying down. You're not trying to go to sleep here. You're actually learning how to stay present. However, if for health reasons the only way you can do the practise is lying down then that is fine. 

How Can I Ask Monique Questions Directly About My Practise?

Just go to the Facebook page and send Monique a message on the page. You can send her a private message if you like however if you post the question on the page then it gives others the chance to have the questions also answered for them too. Otherwise you can set up a time to have a Private Coaching Call with Monique here

How Can I Ask Other Questions Relating To The 10 Minute Mind?

Just send an email to support@the10minutemind.com and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

Does Monique Teach Live?

Yes she does! If you would like to talk with us about Monique speaking at your next event or conference please email us at support@the10minutemind.com and we can discuss what we can do to make that possible. 

How Can I Cancel My Subscription?

Just send us an email at support@the10minutemind.com and we will process that for you right away. Please note that access to the course will stop as soon as we process the cancellation.