We want to tell you about some thing that we love in case you want to try them too!

The 10 Minute Mind® Sleep Meditation Series - Let us help you get to sleep with The 10 Minute Mind® Sleep Meditation Series. The package includes a variety of tracks from 10 to 30 minutes in length. Each of the tracks is accompanied with specialist sleep music especially composed for this series. 92% of people who trialled this series said it helped them get to sleep!


The Happiness Baseline - Of course we want you to know about Monique’s brand new 8 week Happiness Baseline course that is having phenomenal results! We are in the beta testing phase right now and we have a 100% success rate in our trials - that means every single person who has completed the course has increased their Happiness levels! these results are nothing short of phenomenal. If you want to be a part of the beta trial apply on the website!

Brightline Eating - Dr Susan Pierce Thompson is amazing. She has a weight loss program that gets the most phenomenal results - people not only lose weight - they keep it off! Monique believes in her product so much that some years ago she partnered with Dr Susan and has become Brightline Eating’s mindfulness meditation expert.


Doterra Oils - the right environment can make a big difference to your meditation practise. Monique highly recommends Doterra Oils to support you when you are meditating. Her personal favourites are Anchor and Peace in her meditation room. And during the day she wear Cheer and Motivate when she is working. They have a fantastic array of oils so check them out!

Four Sigmatic - we all know it can be hard to wake up in the morning to do your daily practise of The 10 Minute Mind®. However, for centuries meditating monks used mushroom elixirs to support their practise, particularly Lions Mane. It was renowned for helping concentration. Each day before she starts her practise, Monique makes a cup of Four Sigmatic Lions Mane coffee. For someone who never drank coffee in her life this is a true testament to how effective this product is. They have a range of products and another favourite for Monique is the Reishi range which are great for helping you to wind down before you go to sleep.

The Food Revolution Network - Monique has been a plant based eater for over 25 years. Her guides in this journey of food as a wellness choice are John and Ocean Robbins. John’s book, “A Diet For A New America” was revolutionary for Monique. John and Ocean continue to do incredible work and are the experts in exploring a plant based diet.