This Affiliate Service Agreement (the "Agreement") is made by and between One People Productions and you ("You", "Your", "Affiliate”), as an Affiliate utilizing the One People Productions’ service. 

1.     Eligibility and Acceptance of Terms 

                 To become a One People Productions Affiliate, you must submit an application through One People Productions’ Affiliate Signup, available here.  By submitting an application for an Affiliate Program Account, you agree to these Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions, One People Productions’ general Terms and Conditions , and One People Productions’ Privacy Policy.

                      This agreement incorporates both the Terms and Conditions and One People Productions’ Privacy Policy by reference.  Where a conflict exists between One People Productions general terms and this agreement, this agreement governs for all Affiliate concerns.  Please review those terms carefully, as they affect your legal rights.  One People Productions reserves the right to accept or reject any application for membership in the One People Productions affiliate program for any reason at its sole discretion.  

                      Affiliates must be 18 years or older, or the age of majority, in the jurisdiction where the Affiliate resides.

2.     Qualified Referrals and Commissions 

Affiliates will receive commission for Qualified Referrals to One People Productions. The percentage of commission may change at any time and without notice.  "Qualified Referrals" mean customers referred by the Affiliate to One People Productions and who (1) purchase a monthly or yearly subscription to a One People Productions product (such as The 10 Minute Mind), and/or a one-time purchase of another One People Productions’ product; and (2) who do not request a refund of One People Productions purchases, products, or subscriptions.  

                      Affiliates who share the same personal/company details, including but not limited to, last name, email address, IP address, website details or commission payment details, as their referred customer will be deemed to have made a “self-referral.” Referral commission and any earnings associated with this type of “self-referral” will not be paid. One People Productions in its sole discretion will determine the meaning of “self-referral” and classification of any referral as a “self-referral.”

                      Affiliates referrals made to current One People Productions customers will be considered “current customer referrals.” Referral commission and any earnings associated with this type of “current customer referral” will not be paid. One People Productions in its sole discretion will determine the meaning of “current customer referral” and classification of any referral as a “current customer referral.”

                      One People Productions, in its sole discretion, may determine that no commissions will be earned on particular “Add-On” products and subscriptions due to associated administrative costs or high production costs. 

                      Commissions earned on referrals become “payable” after 30 days, which constitutes One People Productions’ current money-back guarantee/refund period for customers.

                      If at any time, a referred customer files a credit card dispute, any earned affiliate commissions on those disputed charges shall become “frozen” in the referring Affiliate’s account until the dispute is settled. If the dispute is settled in One People Productions’ favor, any associated earned commissions may again become payable to the referring Affiliate. If the dispute is settled in the customer’s favor, any associated earned commissions shall not be paid to the referring Affiliate. If commissions have already been paid out to the referring Affiliate, the amount of paid earned commissions on the disputed charges shall be debited against the Affiliate’s account. You will not receive any interest on commissions held to your account.

                      Commission payments may be made via check or electronic payment (such as through PayPal). Affiliate is responsible for paying all applicable fees associated with accepting payments, including but not limited to, currency conversion fees, transaction fees, withdrawal fees, deposit fees, check cashing fees, etc.  One People Productions, in its sole discretion, may disqualify an Affiliate from participation in the use of any or all portions of the Site if such Affiliate engages in any conduct that One People Productions deems to be illegal, improper, unfair or otherwise adverse to the operation of the One People Productions or detrimental to other users of the One People Productions.

                      One People Productions reserves the right to request documentation needed to verify Affiliate accounts. These requests may be made at the time of Affiliate application, or at any time while the Affiliate has an active Affiliate account. If requests for documentation are not answered in a timely manner, One People Productions also reserves the right to terminate, deactivate, or not approve Affiliate accounts.

You hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless One People Productions, and its merchants, employees, agents, and shareholders, against any and all claims, actions, demands, liabilities, losses, damages, judgments, settlements, costs, and expenses.

                      One People Productions reserves the right to change the terms and conditions or functionality of the One People Productions Affiliate program at any time without notice. It is also agreed that after notification of Agreement changes, continued use of the One People Productions Affiliate program constitutes acceptance of this Agreement. If you do not agree with changes to our Agreement, the Affiliate should cease promotion immediately and close their account.

3.     Marketing 

                      Each Affiliate shall bear their own costs and expenses related to marketing and promoting the One People Productions service and products and/or the One People Productions Affiliate Program.  One People Productions shall not reimburse or credit Affiliates for any marketing expenses, except at its sole discretion.  Reimbursement of any marketing expenses shall not create a duty or obligation to reimburse any future marketing expenses.

                      Affiliates may only engage in marketing as set forth in this agreement.  Affiliates may not engage in the following marketing activities, and by accepting this agreement, represents and warrants that their marketing practices do not violate any of these restrictions:


1.    Affiliates shall not make any false, misleading, or disparaging statements with respect to the One People Productions services.

2.    Affiliates shall not create websites or advertisements that copy, imitate, or resemble the look and feel of the One People Productions service.

3.    Affiliates shall not engage in any marketing activity that may harm the reputation or credibility of One People Productions, including using low-quality marketing materials, or advertising on any site that promotes violence, discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age, or any illegal activities, or violates the intellectual property or rights of a third party.

4.    Affiliates shall not send any email in violation of the federal CAN-SPAM statute 15 U.S.C. 1571, et seq.

5.    Affiliates must include a physical mailing address and unsubscribe information for any marketing email sent promoting One People Productions services.

6.    Affiliates shall make clear that they, not One People Productions, are the sender of all marketing communications related to promotion of One People Productions’ services.

7.    Affiliates shall not engage in any marketing or promotional activities that violate applicable laws, rules, or regulations.

8.    Affiliates shall not market using facsimile, broadcast, telemarketing, text message marketing, or other offline marketing methods regarding One People Productions or One People Productions’ services without the express written consent of One People Productions.

9.    Affiliates shall not use malware or spyware to market or promote One People Productions services.

10.   Communications with One People Productions 

Affiliates shall, within a reasonable time, inform One People Productions of:

·       Any breach of customer data the Affiliate has collected in connection with its marketing or promotion of the One People Productions services

·       Any information known to the Affiliate that could reasonably lead to a claim, demand, or liability against One People Productions by any party.


4.     Changes to this Agreement. 

One People Productions reserves the right to cancel or modify this agreement, except with regard to the Arbitration and Class Action waiver provisions incorporated by reference, at any time.  One People Productions will notify Affiliates of any material change to these terms by email and/or notice on the One People Productions’ website.


5.     Termination 

One People Productions may terminate this Agreement at any time, with or without cause upon notice to Affiliate. Without limiting the foregoing, One People Productions reserves the right to terminate Affiliate accounts that have not been accessed in up to 12 months.  One People Productions reserves the right to terminate an Affiliate and not pay the accrued balance where the Affiliate has been deemed to breach this Agreement.  

                      Affiliates may voluntarily close or terminate their account with One People Productions. By doing so you waive your right to be paid any unpaid commissions below the minimum threshold and you assign (way of future assignment) all of your rights and ownership of any commissions which we are holding to your account. You will not receive any commissions which are earned after the date of termination.

However, if One People Productions is late paying your commissions, you cannot terminate this Agreement on the basis that the delay constitutes a breach of this Agreement.

                      Upon termination of this Agreement, Affiliates shall:

1.     Return any One People Productions property (including any marketing materials provided by One People Productions and any confidential information) to One People Productions, or destroy such information and certify its destruction in writing; and

2.      Cease and desist from displaying or using any One People Productions intellectual property.

Upon termination, all rights granted to Affiliate shall immediately terminate, as well as any rights to payment of Fees under this agreement, unless determined by One People Productions in its sole discretion.