How Do I Log In To My Affiliate Dashboard?

Login To Your Affiliate Dashboard by clicking here and logging in.

The Affiliate Dashboard is very user friendly and provides detailed information on commission earnings.

 Your Affiliate Dashboard login email and password are the same as you provided when joining One People Productions Affiliate Program.

Where Is My Affiliate Link?

One of the most important items in our affiliate program is the unique affiliate link.  This link contains your unique affiliate code, and is how we track your sales. The link contains a cookie that is valid for 90 days, so if your clients don’t subscribe immediately but instead come back a few days (or weeks) later, their transaction is still credited to you.

It is vitally important that you use your affiliate link (located in the “links” area of the Affiliate Dashboard) when directing traffic to The 10 Minute Mind website.   Please note that there is only one link in the “links” section of the dashboard.  Additional links may follow, and we will advise you directly if and when we create new links.

We have created an affiliate link for you to use in your marketing. Scroll down on your dashboard to see the link that is available for you. The link has...


 1:  Name

2: Destination URL

3: Your Unique Affiliate Link

Copy your Affiliate Link. Share your affiliate link with your audience, and watch your stats to see how many clicks & sales you generate. 

How Can I View My Affiliate Dashboard Reports?

When you log in to the Affiliate Dashboard, the very first section details out your commission earnings and general statistics (how many clicks, on what days, trending information, etc.).  The report is user friendly and offers detailed information on both commission earnings and clicks over a variety of date ranges.

Check Your Stats

Once you are inside of your Affiliate Dashboard, you will see some "big picture" stats at the top-left of the page. 


•    Payable Commissions: by Default, Commissions earned that are older than 30 days, and eligible to be paid out.

•    Pending Commissions: by default Commissions earned that are younger than 30 days, and are not yet eligible to be paid out.

•    Total Revenue: Total sales (in dollars) generated from your Affiliate links.

•    Global Earnings Per Click: Total commissions generated divided by the total number of clicks you have generated.  

Where Are My Email Templates for Marketing? 


Sometimes we all feel a little rushed or a little creatively challenged.  Should you find yourself struggling with time limitations or creative email ideas, One People Productions has a handful of email templates that affiliates may use in their own marketing efforts.  The templates are already coded with your personal affiliate link, and they may be used as is, or edited and changed to suit your own marketing style.  Generally we find that emails are most impactful when they are in your own voice, and we encourage our affiliates to personalize our email templates.

You will find the email templates in the Affiliate Dashboard, just below the “stats” and “links” areas.

Here are some step-by-step instructions for working with HTML code in the email section:


Emails allow you to copy & paste HTML code for a pre-written email that has your affiliate already copied into hyperlinked text, images, etc. in the body. 

Open an email, and click on the Copy button to copy the raw HTML code version of this email. 

Take that code and drop it into your email marketing tool like AWeber, MailChimp, ConvertKit, etc. Please direct any questions on how to copy in HTML code to your email marketing service.


How Can I See My Commission Tracking and Payments?

 Commission earnings are tracked in the Affiliate Dashboard.  Commissions are paid out every 30 days to the PayPal email address that you provided when you joined the affiliate program.

Tracking Commissions With The Ledger

The Ledger is a running table of all activity that effects your commissions. When new sales are made under your affiliate link, you will see a new line item in your Ledger. 


When a subscription is successfully rebilled or an item is refunded to the customer, you will see a new line item in your Ledger.

Each line item will show the amount, and the commission you earned from that amount. Items shown in parentheses are negative amounts that count against your commissions, representing refunds issued to the customer.

Your Ledger also contains the customer's name, email address, order ID number, and date. 

How Do I Get Paid?

The very last table on your Affiliate Dashboard is Payouts. Each time One People Productions pays out a balance on your account, a new line item will be entered into this table. Each line item will contain a total amount of commissions that was paid, and a date it was paid. 


 Payments are made through PayPal transfer. When you signed up to be an affiliate for One People Productions, you provided a PayPal address. If you ever want to see and/or edit which PayPal address you have on file, click on Settings in the dropdown menu at the top-right of your screen.


Then click on the Edit button near your account's information. Use the pop-up window to change your information on file.

What Are The Advertising Protocols?


We love that you will be promoting The 10 Minute Mind to your client list, through social media, newsletters, and on your website. Your affiliate link, which you can find in the Affiliate Dashboard, is your most important tool. Simply log in to the Affiliate Dashboard, locate the “links” section, and click on “copy” and then place your affiliate link in your marketing materials.  It is that easy.  The affiliate link has your tracking code, and it is that code that allows us to make sure you get paid for every single person that subscribes to The 10 Minute Mind.

You may decide to promote The 10 Minute Mind with some ads, which is an awesome way to increase your affiliate sales. If you do, these are a few things that are helpful to remember:

·     Send the traffic directly to your website first

·     Feature your affiliate link prominently

·     Remember to advertise to your fans, your email subscribers, and website visitors

·     Create a landing page for general ads that are not targeting your fans, email subscribers, social media followers, or website visitors. That landing page will be even more powerful if it has information about you, your company, and your personal endorsement of The 10 Minute Mind. And of course, always have your affiliate link on all of your landing pages. 

·     And an important thing to remember is to send any traffic that has not come via your website, email list or is a follower, to one of your landing pages first, before you send that person on to The 10 Minute Mind.  

 The most important thing to remember is to always use your affiliate link! We want to make sure we keep track of every single sale you make. 

(One People Productions politely reserves the right to ask affiliates not to run paid traffic to our products at any time for any reason, and we respectfully reserve the right to turn such traffic away.)

How Do I Get Personal Help?

If you should have any further questions or concerns, please contact One People Productions Affiliate Department at or by phone at 323.673.0471.  Email and calls are typically returned within one business day.