Guided meditation for positive thoughts

I often meet people who tell me that throughout their day they have a lot of negative thoughts. And they want to know whether or not meditation can help them. 

In this day and age and I see more and more people struggling with negative thoughts. We are constantly bombarded with advertising and images telling us that we are not good enough, good looking enough, thin enough, rich enough. it can be very easy to get ourselves caught in a cycle of negativity about ourselves. 

The good news is that The 10 Minute Mind is a simple and easy way to help you out of that cycle of negativity. The 10 Minute Mind is a guided meditation for positive thoughts. It teaches you how to work with your mind on a daily basis so that your negative thoughts slowly but surely have less control over your mind. By working with your mind on a regular basis you can change the way you relate to the thoughts that you have which enables you to have a much happier life. And that's all we are wanting isn't it? To be happy. 

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Monique Rhodes - Creator of The 10 Minute Mind