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The 10 Minute Mind® is the perfect support for when you are at The London School of Economics. In only 10 minutes a day you can learn how to decrease your stress levels and increase your focus and happiness levels. Try it out and see why almost all of the most successful people have a daily meditation practise.


How The 10 Minute Mind® works


1. Sign Up

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2. Get started

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3. Meditate

A brand new unique guided mindfulness meditation will be ready for you every morning!



      University can be stressful!

So let’s get your focus and calm back with this easy daily 10 minute mindfulness meditation practice.

Watch the quick video here to see how you can get your happiness back!

“I am so amazed that this is DO-able for me. If I can do it, you can do it! Imagine being free of the knots in your chest. It’s a good feeling.”
— Heather McNamee

So easy, anyone can do it

If you don’t think you can meditate, or your mind is too busy - don’t worry. Each unique daily meditation will guide you.  

Join the multitude of people worldwide who use The 10 Minute Mind® every day to reduce stress, feel uplifted and take control of their happiness


Finally, a meditation program that fits You!

At The 10 Minute Mind® we understand that each person’s needs are different and we want you to succeed. Therefore we allow you to listen with or without music, we give you a brand new guided track every single day and most importantly we are available to personally guide and help you at any stage of your journey with us. 


Stay on track

Tracks are available each morning so you’ll never forget your daily mindfulness practice


With or without music

Listen to your meditations how you most enjoy them by having the choice to be guided with or without music


S.O.S Meditations

De-stress quickly with daily access to your 3 Minute S.O.S Meditation to help you chill out when your day gets too much



Taught by renowned Happiness Specialist Monique Rhodes

Monique’s soothing voice will guide you through your daily practice and quickly bring you to a place of calm. With 15 years of intensive meditation study and practice Monique is an expert at teaching mindfulness meditation not only to people who want to learn for the first time, but also to established practitioners looking to deepen their practice


Trialled extensively and used by over 30 universities around the world

“The 10 Minute Mind® is a gentle introduction to what’s going on in your mind, how you can control what’s going on in your mind,
all while teaching you to be more positive, kind, gentle and compassionate with yourself.”

Catherine McAteer, Head of Psychological Services

University College London



Think your mind is too busy to meditate? Almost everybody does. The 10 Minute Mind® mindfulness program that’s so easy, anyone can do it.