It's well documented how effective mindfulness meditation is in addressing and managing stress, anxiety, panic, depression, chronic pain, obsessive thinking, strong emotional reactivity, sleeplessness and a wide array of health related conditions. 


Do You Wish You Could Improve These Areas Of Your Life...

Rumination - unhealthy overthinking about your life, career, certain events

Focus - on conversations and tasks


Stress Levels

Emotional Reactions To Situations


Your Happiness


Anger Issues

Your Immune System


Mindfulness meditation harnesses the power of your mind and can change every area of your life. 

Individuals and businesses around the world are realising how powerful regular mindfulness meditation can be for your wellbeing. In fact, The 10 Minute Mind is used by six universities internationally (including the University College of London - one of the top universities in the world) and hundreds of businesses and organisations, all focused on improving the happiness of their students and employees. 

Think meditation is for people who have lot of time on their hands and a hankering to find themselves? Not at all. Meditation is for everyone and is completely accessible. If you feel you're on a constant treadmill, with a cluttered, overwhelmed mind and underlying stress you can't address, you're not alone. We strongly urge you to try The 10 Minute Mind - it's worked for so many people. What have you got to lose? Our trial is free and there's no fixed contract after that!

The difference in me is huge since I started learning mindfulness meditation with The 10 Minute Mind. Life is so much more manageable.
— Tori Alcott, Nurse, Los Angeles, USA