We regularly ask the people who use The 10 Minute Mind® how it is benefiting them. Here is what they are saying:



“Working with Monique has changed my life. I am much calmer, I have less anxiety and I handle stressful situations so much better. The best thing is that a number of people have commented that they can see such a change in me and have asked me what it is that I am doing. I love telling them it is all due to learning mindfulness meditation with Monique.”  

Tobias Schleissler, Cinematographer, Hollywood, Los Angeles (Beauty and the Beast, Patriots Day, Dream Girls, The Taking of Pelham 123, Friday Night Lights, Mr Holmes)




"If you are like me and have been putting off diving into a mindfulness meditation practice for years, as the thought of having to find another 20 minutes in your already bonkers busy day just doesn’t seem possible. Well then, I am the living / breathing truth that The 10 Minute Mind® is for you.

Please without delay find a comfy spot and sit down and just begin this inspired program that will help to lift your spirit, warm your heart and calm your mind.

I am stunned to share that after the 10 minutes is over I have now found myself wanting to sit there even longer and bask in the new found peace that I have found.

It’s like an invisible, energetic chiropractic adjustment that you can give yourself wherever you are. I highly recommend it."

Julia Fordham, Platinum selling British singer-songwriter www.juliafordham.com

“Simply; It’s changed my life.”
— - Jayne Wilkins, New York - USA
“It has made me much happier, more grounded, more relaxed and appreciative ! Thank you!”
— - Jeffrey Harris, Los Angeles, USA
“The 10 Minute Mind® is my main way of helping to cope with anxieties.”
— - Melvin Ramirez, London, UK
I have completed the 30 Day Challenge. I am far less likely to react negatively to a challenge that arises in my day. I am able to remain present and process the situation to choose an appropriate response. I am also able to let the emotional response rise and then let it go without feeding it with additional thoughts and stories. This allows me to feel but not be dominated by any negativity.

Thank you so much. I continue to develop my skills to let my thought pass like clouds in the sky but I feel I am making progress and it is the practice each day that makes it easier and easier.
— Christopher Jackson, Istanbul, Turkey
“I am so appreciative this sort of course is being offered in a way that I am able to easily do it. I have such time constraints in my day and in just 10 minutes I am able to turn a stressful morning into a mindful one.”
— - Lucia Richardson, Sydney, Australia
“I am so grateful for The 10 Minute Mind®. I am doing so much better at my studies because of it due to being much more able to focus.”
— - Ashley Shultz, Toronto, Canada
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“It has been a wonderful addition to my life. I am in my final year of my PhD and had been struggling to manage my stress. Adding The 10 Minute Mind® to my daily routine has really helped me manage my stress levels, and has really had a positive impact on my well-being.”
— - Neva Greer, London, United Kingdom
“Thank you. It is helping to transform my life.”
— - Amy Gilles, Auckland, New Zealand
“I’m an experienced meditator and looked at this out of curiosity as it was mentioned by a friend. I love the new content each day, and the way you feel you are being genuinely wished well. I’m familiar with other mediation apps and this is the only one I’ve persisted in using.”
— Nancy Thomas, London, UK
“I have found The 10 Minute Mind® experience extremely calming and relaxing. I suffer from anxiety and it has really helped me calm down.”
— - Robbie Brewer, Michigan, USA
— - Christine Stout, New York, USA



“I am able to apply The 10 Minute Mind® to my daily life by using the various tracks sent to me every morning to help keep myself calm and relaxed, especially on days that I know are going to be hectic. In addition, if I feel that I am overwhelmed or stressed out during the day I refer back to the tracks to help ease my stress.”
— - Muriel Mantz, Manchester, UK
“I can’t believe there is a course that has made it possible for me to learn how to do a mindfulness practice with such ease. Just brilliant. I just put my headphones on and listen. And off I go into a day with a positive focus. I’m much more focussed in my studies. I just bring myself back to the practice during the day. Thanks for giving us this.”
— - Sam Cayer, New York, USA
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“I would recommend this program to anybody who is new to meditation, to people who struggle with meditation, or to anybody who wants to try something a bit different.”
— - Gay Willet, London, UK
“I have wanted to try meditation for many years. And I even went to a course. But it didn’t help me. I just would fall asleep. But this course has helped me. And now I have learnt how to work with my mind. I do it almost every day. Thank you. It’s an awesome course.”
— - Amanda Warren, Sydney, Australia
“I never thought I could do this. I thought learning mindfulness was hard. But I had read a lot that it was really good for you. And now I have been doing The 10 Minute Mind® for many months I feel so pleased with myself. I now know how to work with my mind. I am less stressed and anxious. And when I feel stressed and anxious I try to come back to what I learnt that morning.”
— - Debra Long, Amsterdam, Holland
“It fortifies me with good and positive thoughts to take with me through the day. I am living in a difficult situation with family members and I can’t just walk away. The 10 Minute Mind® gives me an alternative way to experience what is going on.”
— - Sarah Murillo, New York, USA


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