3 Thought Thursday : 13th December

Here is your weekly dose of three things that have impressed me during the week or that I am contemplating. 

My favourite inspiring story of this week - 
Meet the Woman Who Volunteers as a 'Stand-In' Mom at Same-Sex Weddings: It's a 'Complete Joy'. This story touched me deeply. What a beautiful, thoughtful and generous gift to give to the many people whose mothers are not present on such an important day. Sometimes people just do the most wonderful things. I love this woman. 


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My favourite article of this week - 
"‘Nature was my safe place’: Raynor Winn on homelessness and setting off on a 630-mile walk". This story is nothing short of inspiring. Homelessness is becoming an ever increasing problem in our first world countries. When I was younger the only homeless people I ever met were almost always suffering from mental illness. However, now all sorts of people are ending up not able to make ends meet. This article is full of insight on how one couple coped with losing their home and the challenges they faced when people realised they were homeless. I've bought the award nominated book about their journey - The Salt Path. I can't wait to read it.


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My favourite technology article of this week - 
Where is the boundary between your phone and your mind? As our online existences become less distinct from ‘real life’, experts raise concern about the growing power of big tech.

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