3 Thought Thursday

By Monique Rhodes

Here is your weekly dose of three things that have impressed me during the week or that I am contemplating. 

My favourite article of the week - 

This article spoke to that place in me that feels concern that we are relying more and more on technology as our way to connect rather than personal face to face connections. The article called The friend effect: why the secret of health and happiness is surprisingly simple  discusses why being in the physical company of others is so vital for our happiness. I encourage you to read it. 

My favourite video of the week - 

I first heard BJ Miller on a podcast. His insights and presence were profound. This talk What Really Matters At The End of Life is a deeply moving talk. 

What I have been reading this week - 

Gold Dust Woman - The Biography of Stevie Nicks - not the best written book but as a professional musician I always like reading the biographies of artists I admire. What fascinated me was that despite incredible dysfunction within Fleetwood Mac they managed to stay together and produce some of the most successful albums of our time. It made me question how often we give up when something feels hard or uncomfortable. Somehow Fleetwood Mac rose above that. Reading the book it seemed an extraordinary feat. 

If you have something you've seen, heard or read that impressed you I'd love you to send me a link.

Have a wonderful day and go gently in the world!

Monique Rhodes

Founder, The 10 Minute Mind