3 Thought Thursday: September 12th

By Monique Rhodes

For some of you you're getting this week's thoughts a little before Thursday as there is a time constraint on the first post...and I don't want you to miss out...

Here is your weekly dose of three things that have impressed me during the week or that I am contemplating. 

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My favourite helpful thing of the week - 

A couple of months ago I stood in a room of 400 people who used to be overweight. The room was full of people who had struggled with their weight for years. I heard stories of them trying every weight loss and healthy eating program under the sun.  I was shocked at how healthy and well everyone looked. I was even more shocked as I asked them to show me photos of themselves before they lost their weight. Some had lost over 150 pounds (almost 70 kilos)! 

More people than ever are trying to lose weight and get healthy, yet the obesity rate just keeps climbing.

There are many educated, successful, capable people who are knowledgeable about healthy eating. But no matter how hard they try, and no matter how much they know, their weight still won’t budge.

What’s going on here?

I’ve been blown away by the work of my dear friend and colleague Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson. I think she has an answer that can provide immediate help to millions. So much so that I partnered with her to make a meditation program specifically for her clients! Now that's an endorsement! 

Susan is a tenured psychology professor with a Ph.D. in Brain and Cognitive Sciences.

Her area of expertise is in the psychology and neuroscience of sustainable weight loss.

She’s holding three sessions of a free LIVE webinar this coming week in which she’s going to explain how people’s brains are blocking them from losing weight…and what they can do about it.

If you have issues with weight I really encourage you to click here to find out more and sign up now. 

I’ve found Susan’s work to be incredibly powerful, and if you can arrange your schedule to attend this webinar, I think you’ll be very, very glad you did. 

Title: The Badly Behaving Brain: Why 2 Billion People Can’t Lose Weight

Click here to register. 

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My favourite article of the week - 
As someone who has not eaten meat or fish for over 25 years a lot of people are now asking me if I would eat meat that was grown in a lab. It's an interesting question. My main issue is that 25 years later I don't miss the taste of meat. There are so many delicious ways to make vegetarian food that I've never felt that  I was missing out. However, I am curious to see what the uptake of lab grown meat would be for people who say giving up meat is too hard because they would miss the taste. So I found this article in the Washington Post this week to be very interesting.  Burgers grown in a lab are heading to your plate. Will you bite?
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My favourite photo of the week - 
Having lived in India for some years this was without a doubt my favourite photo of the week. It was taken in Bengaluru, India, on September 6, 2018 and is the photo of an activist from the LGBTQ community celebrating after the supreme court's verdict of decriminalizing gay sex and the revocation of the Section 377 law.


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This week I am contemplating how to stay connected to calm in a busy life....

Don't forget, if you have something that has touched or impressed you, send it on to me. I'm always looking to be blown away by the wonders of this world. 


Monique Rhodes
Happiness Specialist
Founder, The 10 Minute Mind