3 Thought Thursday : 24th January

Here is your weekly dose of three things that have impressed me during the week or that I am contemplating. 

My favourite article of this week - 
You have to forgive me because I don't mean to brag about my home country of New Zealand. But right now Jacinda Ardern, our 38 year old mother of baby Neve and the nation, is once again all over the news in the UK. The papers are filled with articles about her. She is, without a doubt, the most popular leader in the world right now. This essay The Kindness Quotient - Jacinda Ardern is the world’s anti-Trump by former PM Helen Clark on why Jacinda Ardern is a leading global thinker, and is driven by “kindness” is a wonderful insight into the importance of her example. 

“In an era defined by the emergence of populist leaders who are often authoritarian, reactionary, and male, Ardern stands out as progressive, collaborative, and female.” 

Oh to have a world where the leaders of it truly cared about us....


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My favourite video of the week - 
This is a lesson in mindfulness. Click here and watch this kingfisher - incredible.


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My favourite "help me" article of the week -
Failed your resolution already? Here’s how to make change that lasts. I don't know how you are all doing but I only made one resolution this New Year and so far I seem to be sticking to it. If you need some help - this is the article for you. 

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Monique Rhodes
Happiness Specialist
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