3 Thought Thursday: November 1

By Monique Rhodes

Here is your weekly dose of three things that have impressed me during the week or that I am contemplating. 

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My favourite article of this week - 
"Optimism isn’t frivolous: it’s necessary." Truer words couldn't be spoken at a more important time. Having travelled the world extensively I really enjoyed this article about happiness around the world. So if you are wondering what constitutes happiness in other countries, I think you're going to love this article. How the world smiles – uncovering the secret to collective happiness.

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My favourite inspiring story of this week - 
In a time of such political turmoil there couldn't be a better time to practise kindness than now. So many people are living in fear and anxiety and uncertainty about the future. This article How a ‘kindness contagion’ improves lives, especially now might be just the inspiration you need to see the incredible ways that kindness actually improves your life as you also make a better day for others. 
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My favourite video of this week - 
22 year old French singer Jasmïn is signed to Universal and has just released her debut EP. This is the first single "Dive" and it is getting some real interest in France. The reason I am so excited about Jasmïn is that I have known her since she was about 7 years old. I remember once walking into her family home in Paris and Jasmïn sat me down to listen to her play piano. She was playing the most beautiful melodies. When she told me she had written them herself I knew then that she was going to pursue music as her career - it was obvious. I love reminding her that I was the first person to ever record her singing, when she was about 10 years old. And that when she becomes a big star I tease her that I will auction that recording off! I hope you enjoy her. 

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Don't forget, if you have something that has touched or impressed you, send it on to me. I'm always looking to be blown away by the wonders of this world. 


Monique Rhodes
Happiness Specialist
Founder, The 10 Minute Mind